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Augstat, the capital of the Kingdom of Hesse, is a city of roughly 50,000 people. Though not nearly as large as major cities like Saratof or Regis that are closer to the heart of the Empire, Augstat remains the most important port city of the western coast of Niessia.

Demographics: Most of the city’s citizens are humans of Hessen ethnicity. As with most cities this size, Augstat contains small communities of halflings, dwarves, elves, and half-orcs (well segregated, of course), but only the halfling community is large enough to reach even 1% of the city’s overall population.

Terrain: Augstat is a hilly port city. The mouth of the Garnon River is just north of the city, as is the Garnon Forest itself.

Economy: Augstat’s economy is primarily built on trade and metalwork. Most of the trade is simple and regional, with coastal and river ships that bring in agricultural goods from the countryside. These are complemented by a modest but steady stream of international cargo ships from port cities all over Chaldea. The city also hosts a trade in rare specialty goods that can only be found in the enchanted Garnon Forest to the north.

Augstat skyline

Military: Augstat hosts two key military organizations: the 10th Imperial Legion and the Hecks.

The 10th Imperial Legion and its auxilia are also known as the War Hawks. The military might of The Kordavan Empire is built on the backs of nineteen legions stationed around the world, and the 10th Legion—the War Hawks—is headquartered just north of Augstat in their castrum, (headquarters), Enchantments Guard, (at the mouth of the Garnon River). Eight cohorts are permanently stationed in the castrum, and two cohorts are assigned to Stollhofen as insurance against orc hostilities should Niesse flex for war. In addition to legionnaires there are several auxilia units bolstering the War Hawks, including knights, dwarven axemen, mercenaries, and wilder elven rangers

The Hecks are a military unit comprised of nearly 100 knight orders from Hesse, Munchkein, Stollhofen, Salominica, Himyar, and Tetonique. While nearly every knight are human, the commander of the Hecks is a dwarf, Grand Master Kane Kurig. The knights are supported by squires, pages, and a host of military arms, including foot soldiers, horsemen, archers, and siege weapons. The Hecks are headquartered in the Round Tower in southeastern Augstat.

Locations of Note

Rubenstein Lodge. The oldest building in Augstat is Rubenstein Lodge, a mystical tower that has served as Rubenstein’s guild hall since the founding of the order over 700 years ago. Rubenstein is an order of magicians brought together to serve a single ideal: The crimes of magicians are best judged by magicians. Rubenstein is called upon in many courts throughout Chaldea to advise on laws and crimes involving the supernatural.

Enchantments Guard. Just north of Augstat is Enchantments Guard. Originally a dwarven bastion in the decades before the Claw Hammer, it was repurposed by humans once most of the dwarves migrated underground. Enchantments Guard is one of the largest fortresses in Chaldea and is the castrum of the 10th Legion, as well as the home and offices of Hellwig Gustavus, governor of Niessia, which makes it the ultimate seat of power on the continent.

Lordint’s School of Forging. Lordint is an outcast dwarf and largely considered Chaldea’s greatest authority on weaponsmith and armoring. In his school, Lordint teaches his craft to those who have a talent for it, both dwarves and non-dwarves alike.

The Kordavan Informant. The Kordavan Informant (K.I.) is Chaldea’s first founded newspaper. Taking advantage of a gnome invention called the gnoter, which was designed to help deal with the ballooning paperwork requirements of a worldwide empire, the founder of the K.I. invented the first newspaper, and now there are K.I. offices in several major cities around the world. The headquarters, however, remains rooted in Augstat.

University of Augstat. The largest house of learning in Niessia.

International Faire. A large central plaza in Augstat, the International Faire serves as the “city center” that’s permanently populated by an international farmers’ market that never sleeps. By contrast, it is also the preferred venue for public executions.

Boars Kreise. Every city has its rough part of town, and Boars Kreise is rougher than most. The neighborhood of Boars Fallow is home to the dreaded Black Daggers, outcast dwarves, halfling rogues, drug dens, orc mercenaries, black marketers, slave traders, and even pirates and privateers. In spite of all this, Boars Kreise is also home to a number of businesses, much of the bustling ship trade and related commerce of Augstat, and an energetic nightlife.

Rusdorf Palast. The large palatial estate of Konig Gerhard von Rusdorf the Tall and his wife, Konigin Luzie von Rusdorf.

Altiflector. Augstat was built upon the ruins of Durstock, an ancient dwarven city destroyed by a tidal wave in the Claw Hammer War a thousand years ago. At the center of Augstat, like a monolithic stone hub in a great wheel rises Altiflector, titan remnants of a once proud stronghold that even the dragons could not knockdown with the power of the sea.

The Rubenstein Lodge is located here, which further enhances the district’s reputation of being haunted. The only homes and businesses in this district are those of the rare individuals who prefer to live in dark, spooky places.


Pre-1,000 Years Ago. The dwarven city Durstock is established roughly where Augstat stands today, though slightly more inland.

1,000 Years Ago. Durstock is destroyed by a tidal wave created by dragons in the Claw Hammer War. Enchantments Guard survives the war but is abandoned when the dwarves begin migrating deep underground. For the next three hundred years, nothing of note occurs here.

700 Years Ago. Two magicians, Kouri and Arismarne, form Rubenstein, an order of magicians. They build a tower, “the Lodge”, within the ruins of Altiflector. Other magicians visit from time to time, and eventually a trading post—specializing in the types of odd things that can be found in the enchanted Garnon Forest to the north, things magicians might prize—sprouts up within Altiflector, just outside the Rubenstein Lodge.

Year -680. Earliest reliable reference to Augstat as a fishing village near the ruins of Altiflector. Founded by one of the few tribal chieftains of the era who recorded events in order to supply his family and men-at-arms based in Enchantments Guard with a steady supply of food.

Year -540. Augstat is declared the capital city of the newly formed Kingdom of Hesse.

Year 5. After yet another Hessen uprising against Emperor Kordaava is squelched, the emperor appoints Legatus Hellwig Gustavus as governor of Niessia. Augstat becomes the seat of continental rule until the present day, spurring tremendous growth.

Year 41. Present day. Augstat’s population has nearly doubled over the last 36 years.