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T h e    P r o l o g u e

Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Drama
Length: 15:14

Prólogos is the birth narrative of Chaldea

Before the beginning...
After the end...

The Pearl Universe creates and destroys
simultaneously, cosmogonies on an endless
loop of life and death, age upon recursive age,
a multiverse of infinite metaparadigms...
old replaced with new.

After the end...
Before the beginning...

Chaldea is a registered trademark of Chaldea LLC.
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Prólogos (c) Chaldea LLC

Age of Celestials, Age of Gods, Claw-Hammer War, Age of Magic, Arismarne,
Drasildar, Elementari, Marcosta Kordaava, Mirithian, Niesse, Pearl Universe, Prologos,
Rubenstein, Singularity of Creation, Singularity of Destruction, Sureniel, Tannaluvia, and Taxia
are trademarks of Chaldea LLC.