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Prólogos is the birth narrative of Chaldea. The Pearl Universe creates and destroys simultaneously, cosmogonies on an endless loop of life and death, age upon recursive age, a multiverse of infinite metaparadigms…. old replaced with new.

Chapter 1

A blacksmith’s son orchestrates a mass slave escape when he learns his abusive father provides tools for the slave trade industry. Homeless and fleeing the authorities, Yonnus Octoni and his new companions live in the shadows and embrace organized crime to survive.

Chapter 2

Sarva, a young and aspiring officer in Akkadia’s elite Qurubuti Guard, plots the assassination of Iltani, a Babylonian goddess who murdered her Patesi mother, who was the lawful ruler of Akkadia. In the wake of that failed coup, Sarva flees her homeland with her trusted sirkatu guards across the Great Sea, a half-step ahead of ominous forces ordered to track and kill her.

Chapter 3

Reiswitz von Gustavus, the son of a famous Imperial officer, longs to follow in his father’s legendary footsteps and prove his worth leading soldiers victoriously onto the field of battle. When Kordaava, the god-emperor of the world, is suddenly assassinated, four decades of peace comes to a savage end. Reiswitz puts his years of military training to work as he faces the brutal realities of a world in conflict.

Chapter 4

Maurko Hamalgrar, the editor-in-chief of the Kordavan Informant, the world’s first newspaper, struggles to build a burgeoning publishing business as he faces opposing ideals: to bolster quick profits by publishing sensationalistic tabloids or to apply professional prudence, releasing accurate and fair stories utilizing facts and ethics. However, when the emperor suddenly dies and the world clamors for information, Maurko learns that news waits for no one.

Chapter 5

An undergraduate at the prestigious University of Dorsang, Zane Adraelestos, the son of a wealthy Imperial senator, redefines what it means to be a “professional student” after spending two ineffectual decades not earning a single degree. His bohemian lifestyle is suddenly disrupted by the news of the emperor’s death, forcing him to face a new reality of a world in chaos as the Church of Set moves to control the empire and shut down freedom of thought and religion.

Chapter 6

The Black Daggers attend the konig’s coronation ball in their latest criminal enterprise: delivering a mysterious silk slave to auction. Yo’s dire hatred of slavery drives him to intervene to save the young slave girl, only to discovery too late that the old maxim is true: “Carnal beauty is but skin-deep.”

Chapter 7

The world is on the precipice of war—the 10th Legion prepares legionnaire, sword, and shield. Legatus Reiswitz gathers his advisors for War Council to play out each strategy on the table. Simultaneously, under the Divinity Mountains in Niesse, his counterpart, Marzahn, a chaos relic of the Claw Hammer War, also pursues preparations…of a different sort: death and destruction to the world of Chaldea.


Like the legendary Ragnarok and the fimbulwinter that proceeds it, Season 1.2 is a world changing event prophesied to take place in the future.

Chapter 8 – Headline: Poppy
Chapter 9 – Nightmares of Chaldea
Chapter 10 – Decision at Montfort
Chapter 11 – Hatred of Chaldea
Chapter 12 – Priyanka the Friendly
Chapter 13 – Astrology 101
Chapter 14 – Gravers of Chaldea
Chapter 15 – Decision at Wark