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"Burning Saratof" is a story of political intrigue following the assassination of Emperor Kordaava. Within the illustrious confines of the Imperial Palace situated in Saratof, the heart of the empire's grandeur, our players take on the roles of influential personas such as Imperial Consuls, Court Wizards, Senators, ambitious clergy, and astute bureaucrats who navigate the corridors of power.

Through their perspectives, we embark on an exploration of the enigmatic circumstances surrounding Kordaava's untimely demise, delving into the central premise that underpins our entire series: What happens to an empire when the god-emperor dies?

This story is DMed by Peter Adkison using the Burning Wheel game system.


"The Nearly Departed" is an ongoing adventure tale that follows a group of avid gravers who were once zombies controlled by a Dynion Mwyn witch intent on raising an undead army. With the assistance of a Tuatha Dé Danann wizard, they manage to return to the land of the living. Now, residing in Gravers Dig, they continue to grapple with the challenge of piecing together their lost memories and reclaiming their former lives. The eternal question hangs in the balance: can they elude death, or will the grave inevitably reclaim their souls?

This story is DMed by Mike Boozer using Dungeons and Dragons 5e.





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