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Actoroke faq

A C T O R O K E    F A Q

What is Actoroke™?

Actoroke™ roleplaying karaoke for actors.

Actoroke™ (sounds similar to Karaoke) is an epic high-fantasy RPG experience based in the World of Chaldea and streamed live on Twitch and available later on The World of Chaldea Youtube Channel.

An artist (who is actively involved in the game play experience), will illustrate character portraits, landscapes, locations, NPC’s, heroes, villains, and monsters live during each game session—directed by DM and players. Following the game, the Chaldea writing staff will adapt the adventure into a short script that will be performed and filmed live by a new cast of actors on twitch the following week. After the Actors Studio, the Chaldea post-production team will edit actor performances together with game play art, combined with DM narration, and music score to produce a unique video experience released to the world during an Actoroke Viewing Party the next week.

In and out in three-weeks—adventure complete. Now rinse and repeat five more times for a thrilling six-part adventure series.

* * *

ACT 1 – The RPG Session – The Inciting Incident
ACT 2 – Actor Studio – The Drama
ACT 3 – Viewing Party – The Climax

Actoroke™ Schedule – Campaign Duration

An ACT is 1-Week
A CYCLE is 3-acts
A CAMPAIGN is 6 Cycles (18-weeks)

How is it played?

Season One of the Sommarian Hunt is played with Dungeons & Dragons 5.0 and will be live streamed on Twitch.

How many participants?

Most fantasy RPGs, including D&D support any number of players and Actoroke likewise is open ended, for the Somarrian Hunt scenario, the sweet spot is five players.

How is Actoroke different from tradition fantasy RPGs?

Actoroke is divided into three Acts:

ACT 1 – RPG Session “The Inciting Incident”. Group story creation playing a fantasy RPG.

ACT 2 – Actor Studio “The Drama”. The DM directing actors live, performing the roles of PCs and NPCs

ACT 3 – Viewing Party “The Climax”. Streaming a finished film

How do I watch?

Weekly live streams are carried on TWITCH.TV/GENCONTV. Videos are carried thereafter on

How often does Actoroke stream?

One event per week, currently scheduled for Thursday evenings @6pm PST

Who are the players?

Please see our cast page for players and actors.

How do I participate?

Casting calls for future seasons will be posted at a later date.