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Somarrian Hunt

S O M A R R I A N    H U N T

The Somarrian Hunt is a tradition from the Dark Times that was banned by Emperor Marcosta Kordaava. But now that the emperor is dead, that means death of Imperial regulations—or at least local regard for them. Now gravers from across Chaldea are converging on Gravers Dig, seeking fame and fortune and all that comes with it. Gravers Dig is the boom town of Chaldea.

* * *

Do you and your friends have what it takes to be Hunting Champions?

The Competition

Obsessed hunters and gravers descend on Gravers Dig to vie for the title of Chaldea’s Best Hunters.

The Somarrian Hunt Championship is a wild hunt competition and your chance to prove your bravery and survival skills against some of the most extreme environments, hostile terrain, weather, and apex predators Chaldea has to offer.

Hunting Marathon

This is a five-day hunting marathon. The hunt begins at dawn on Day 1 starting at Gravers Dig, Hunting Lodge. Competitors can hunt anywhere they desire within the confines of the wilderness hunting grounds, (as long as they’re back in time for officials to tally the take. Leaving the bounded territories means immediate disqualification and possible sanctions). The Hunt deadline is sunset on Day 5.

Each hunting party (maximum of five hunters) is assigned an official sanctioned Tournament Guide, who maintains and manages trophies, (storing trophies dead or alive in an official tournament “Bag of Holding”) and provides an official accounting of the hunting excursion—details and transcripts provided to tournament judges and officials.

Protect your guide! Failure to adequately protect your guide that results in death, dismemberment, and/or loss results in permanent disqualification from future Somarrian Hunts.

Hunting Hunters

Hunting parties are provided an official orange safety flag, which they must maintain and display prominently AT ALL TIMES. An active flag exempts the hunting party from being attacked and thereby hunted by other hunting parties. Loss and/or failure to display the safety flag removes all safety protocols and the members of the hunting party are considered open game.

A hunting party engaging another hunting party not safeguarded by a protection flag, (choosing open warfare), must abdicate claim to their protection flag, throwing it aside for the duration of the skirmish. Survivors may pick up their safety flag, (resume safety status), after and only after action is complete and the corresponding guides say its safe to do so.

Anyone who attacks, kills, maims, or dismembers another hunting party member protected by their safety flag will be immediately disqualified and will be subject to censure, fines, and other legal remedies.


There are no rules except the First Rule when it comes to eligible hunting trophies.

The First Rule of the Hunt

If it bleeds or cannot bleed, kill it.
If it is alive or undead, slay it.
If it is sentient or sapient, kill it.
If it is good or evil, slay it.
If its feral or tame, kill it.
If it walks or if it talks, slay it.
If you cannot kill it, capture it instead for double reward points.

The End of a Great Hunt

  • Hunting Parties that miss the sundown deadline are disqualified.
  • Tournament judges award points for trophy kills—see Tournament Score Board for Trophy Values. Trophies captured alive and in good condition are awarded double points.
  • Dead or missing party members at the end of the hunt results in a 20% deduction of points for the party.