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Cast Series 2

The Roleplayers

Character Stats

The Actors

"Don't be afraid to reach for the stars."

Played by Javion Smith

Human Male Targonian
Chan Style Martial Artist
~ 5th Level ~


Performed by Bernard Sintim

“I could be better help If I'm not stuck healing."

Played by Lexi the First

Human Female Ardayan
~ 5th Level ~

Performed by Ingrid Sanai Buron

"Fire? I hate fire!"

Played by Stefan Pokorny

Half-Minotaur Male Mycenaean
~ 5th Level ~

Performed by Andy Dopieralski

"Every color goes with every color, I always say."

Played by Meagan Karimi-Naser

Halfling Female Dorian
~ 5th Level ~

Performed by Anne Carlton

Full Cast in Costume