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555...Numerology: The Change -- a change is occurring, the universe is moving things around when you see this number.
Age...Realities with new paradigms, new laws of existence and new life given birth by the Singularity of Creation.
Age of Celestials...From the nature of celestial space came planets, moons, stars, galaxies, astronomy.
Age of Gods...Humans were the first to grasp the nature of primal energy in its purest form and learn the ability to ascend their souls from mortal to divine. From new worlds like Olympus, Asgaard, Egypt, and Babylon vast human cultures developed quickly, led by warlike gods who crushed all who dared resist. These gods developed techniques using primal energy to attract the souls of their worshippers to their home planes, further consolidating their powers.
Age of Magic...Monsters and magical life forms, elves, dwarves, orcs, dragons, lycanthropes, medusa, the fey, the elementals, the legions of chaos, centaurs, so-called giants (puny by Celestial standards), goblins, trolls, vampires, halflings, and on, and on, and on. These new planes that defined logic and physics spawned life equally hard to quantify. As the Age of Magic began to mature, the most evolved of these races began to use magic to cast spells, create enchanted items, and tap into the knowledge of the cosmic net.
Ahatsunu...Former Patesi of Akkadia and Sarva's mother by birth.
Alignment Energy...Energies that have to do with fundamental moral principals, primarily law, chaos, good, and evil. These energies tend to coalesce and create planes based on moral codes. For example, Hell is a merging of law and evil.
Alik Pani...The highest ranking officer in Akkadia's Harranim. Equivalent rank to the Grand Master of the Hecks, in Hesse.
An...The sky above Chaldea where Anumian spirits dwell.
Animal Speak...A supernatural "speaking in tongues" ability to converse with creatures of the animal kingdom.
Ariadne...Ariadne is an Etharch demigoddess and a socialite of Saratof known to be quite close to Emperor Kordaava and his concubine, Sibyl Serrari.
Arismarne...Arismarne is an astrologer and founding member of Rubenstein. He holds the rank of full-practitioner.
Artifact...An extremely powerful magic item, usually one that is backed by something other than magic alone, such as primal energy.
Ascension...The act of a Primal Based being elevating a mortal creature to the ranks of the divine.
Astral Plane...A vast timeless expanse parallel to all known planes.
Carlisle...A small city in Tetonique ruled by Grand Master Klein of the Order of Tetonique
Castrum...An imperial legion headquarters; usually a legendary fortress. The 10th Legion's castrum is Enchantments Guard.
Cthulhuians...The Cthulhuians are an ancient pantheon of cosmic horrors from the Celestial Age.
Centurion...Imperial Legion Rank; commander of a century, a military unit of around 80 legionaries. In Emperor Kordaava's legions, centuries are grouped into cohorts commanded by senior centurions.
Chaos...An alignment energy that stems from Limbo.
Cohort...A standard tactical military unit of an imperial legion, generally composed of 480 soldiers.
Contuburnium...The imperial legion war college in Latium.
Cthulhu...An ancient cosmic entity—one of the Old Great Ones from the Celestial Age.
Danorum...The capital city of Tavja. A stone bunker, buried like a pit in the midst of the Cloudforger Mountains.
Dark Times...A lawless period of centuries after the Claw Hammer War when chaos and evil flourished and humans became the dominant culture across the surface of Chaldea.
Deity...A being whose soul is composed of primal base.
Demons...The resident life forms of the Abyssal planes.
Dice...A small cube made of bone or ivory, with each side having a different number of spots on it, ranging from one to six.  Used for Einvigi™ or other games of chance to determine random outcomes.
Divinity Mountains...The Divinity Mountains are one of the two dominant mountain chains in Niessia, the other being Tavja's Cloud Forger Mountains.
Einherjar...Norse heroes who have died valiantly in battle and are brought to live with Odin in Valhalla by Valkyries.
Einvigi...Einvigi™ is a Chaldean military-themed board game that abstractly simulates warfare.
Elder Dragon...Enormous reptile species indigenous to Chaldea.
Elementari...Living creatures made of elemental energy, chief amongst them are Fire, Earth, Air and Water
Esh...Capital of Dorsang
Essences...Essences are to elements what spirits are to life. Essences have no consciousness and can not be communicated with or called to do things. But they can be distilled, a fundamental practice of alchemists. Advanced distillation by alchemists of the appropriate skill can create an actual substance that is the essence of an element, and there can be multiple essences of any given element. It's some crazy law of the universe that the more valuable the element, the more valuable the essence (and difficult to distil). Essences often have very powerful magical properties, in proportion to the value of its source.
Evil...An alignment energy that stems from Hades.
Faith...Priests use faith to cast miracles. The ability to put ones faith in the divine and serve as a conduit for primal energy mixed with magic.
Focus...Many practitioners have a focus, a magical item of their own creation that assists them in using their own magic. Examples: a wizard's staff, an astrologer's anumian fate deck.
Fool...Anumian Jester
Gnome...A highly intelligent species from the Celestial Age, predating Magic and the Age of Gods and are not native to Chaldea.
Good...An alignment energy that stems from Elysium.
Goor...Goor in orcish means tribal home, and is placed after the name of the tribe, so Gorgbast-Goor means the tribal home of the Gorgbast tribe.
Graver...An abbreviation for Grave Robber. Gravers are persons who seek thrilling adventurer, often putting themselves and their fellow gravers at risk to acquire wealth, fortune and infamy.
Harranim...The official name of Akkadia's army.
Hel...Norse goddess of death and disease, Hel rules Helheim, the Norse underworld.
Home Plane...A plane which a deity has maintained control of for 100+ years, the repository of a deity's primal energy.
Hoot Weret of Set...A large Ma'at holy site
Hoplites...Mycenae heavy infantry -- strong armor, formation fighting.
Hrimthursar...Norse giants originally from Jotunheimr, who know live in the Chaldea kingdoms of Jotunholm and Griotunagardar.
Ishtar...Anum goddess of love and war; mother of Patesi Iltani.
Isis...Ma'at goddess of love and fertility.
Jamshog Gulag...An Imperial maximum security prison in Khotla, in the kingdom of Hakhamanesh.
Konig/Konigin...Konig is the Hessen word for "king". Konigin is the feminine form and means "queen".
Kurfurst/Kurfurstin...Kurfust, the Hessen word for "prince". Kurfurstin, the Hessen word for "princess"
Lamassu...A greater Anum servitor of Ishtar that has the head of a human, the body of a lion, and the golden wings of an eagle.
Law...An alignment energy that stems from Nirvana.
Lazzaretti Gold...Cartographers guild in Saratof, known for producing official maps of the empire.
Legatus...A legion commanded by a legate (aka legatus), equivalent to a general
Magic...Magic is fundamentally paradoxical. The opposite of magic is science and order. Magic has strong ties to chaos, but is also bound to life, after-life, esoterica (love, art, music), and the universe. The mastery of magic requires openness. One studies magic, but magic is difficult to define, thus the paradox. All descriptions of magic fall short, including this one. Magic is particularly difficult for entities who are highly lawful, closed, or logical. Magic is an energy, like electricity, magnetism, heat, or gravity.
Magicians...Those who have "the gift" and wield magic through force of will. They study where magic exists in the universe, that is, creatures, elements, undead, fates, you name it, and the gift allows them to tap into those energies and nudge them in some direction
Mana plane...A conceptual plane of existence where magic "comes from".
Mantikor...Mantikor is the capital of the kingdom of Mantis. Citizens of Mantis are called Manti.
Marner...Any person from the Kingdom of Marn; also slang, a pejorative for a drug addicted individual who uses supernatural Marn paraphernalia, such as drugs, tattoos and wood grafts.
Mentalist...Individuals who harness the power of the mind using psionic energy
Mishkrell...The Elder White Dragon of Cold and Space
Montfort...A small keep in the frontier wilderness of Tetonique
Multiverse...A metaverse of many universes.
Mycanean Hoplites...Elite military of Mycenae
Negative Material...The opposite of life—unlife and undead. Life force that is captured and perverted to unnatural means.
Nu-banda...Akkadian military rank; the Harranim rank of Nu-Banda in Akkadia’s Qurubuti Guard, (a rank equivalent to "soldier sergeant" in the Perrin army).
Odin...The All-Father, Leader of the Norse pantheon
Pantheon...A collection of deities who have a common heritage and background and are typically from the same plane, culture, family, or comer of the multi verse. Pantheons are rarely entirely cohesive organizations since they nearly always have members who war upon each other.
Pa-pa...An Akkadian military rank; a Pa-pa commands a company in Akkadia’s Harranim Qurubuti Guard.
Patesi...Royal Akkadian title; the ruler of Akkadia who inherits the position by birth.
Pfalzgraf...A Hessen title of nobility, (Count); varying in relative status, generally of middling rank in the hierarchy of nobility.
Planes...A location that has significant size, significant importance, and significant boundaries (or is infinite).
Planes, Adjacent...Planes that touch each other in some way, making travel easier between them then would otherwise be the case. For example, Chaldea is adjacent to Limbo in the Mountains of Chaos. If two planes are parallel, they are also adjacent.
Planes, Alignment...Planes formed by the accumulation of moral consciousness and the moral balance of the universe. These are primarily the various combinations of law-chaos and good-evil, and shades in between. These are physical places that can be traveled to but do not operate based on the laws of nature. These are never prime planes.
Planes, Conceptual...A plane that is bound by a conceptual argument. These planes have no physical properties, they are not a "place" but a state of existence. Examples: astral, ethereal, and mana planes are conceptual planes.
Planes, Parallel...Planes that interweave with many other planes, or more specifically, the plane in question. Prominent examples include the astral, ethereal, shadow, and mana planes.
Planes, Prime...Planes that operate according to laws of nature.
Primal...The soul essence of divine beings born of the Age of Gods.
Psionic energy...Psionic Energy is a metaphysical mental energy from the Celestial Age produced by the minds of sentient beings, used to manifest psychic abilities such a telepathy, telekinesis, psychic attacks and many forms of extrasensory perception.
Qurubuti Guard...
Samurai...A hereditary military nobility and officer caste from Muromachi.
Schloss...Hessen for castle
Serpents tooth...A potent poison exacted from an Akkadian Saw-Scaled Viper.
Set...Ma'at god of evil
Sharur...An Anum legendary weapon, "the smasher of thousands" rumored to be a pantheon backed artifact capable of shifting shapes into other weapons
Singularity of Creation...A Singularity of Creation gives birth to new realities and paradigms called ages every ten-thousand years.
Singularity of Destruction...A Singularity of Destruction devours ages, utterly removing metaphysical concepts and paradigms from reality—as if they had never existed.
Soul...Whereas spirits represent a collection of similar life forms, souls are specific to a given instance, and are reserved for more advanced forms of life.
Sphere of Influence...An ability/attribute a deity is associated with, "god of" or "goddess of". For example Set is known as the god of evil.
Spirit...As multiple instances of similar life forms grow in prominence, the spirit of that life form comes into existence. The spirit is not an entity you can have a conversation with, it's a spiritual manifestation of what that life form stands for, and a communicator of the lessons of that life. Examples: the wolf spirit, the spirit of the oak trees, the spirit of the Garnon Forest, the spirit of femineity. A given entity might contribute to the existence of multiple spirits. Spirits have a vague sort of consciousness which can be communed with in spirit world (an altered state) and called upon to do things that are in alignment with their nature, but they can't be properly conversed with, trapped, bound, or distilled.
Starfall Jewel...A fragment of an Anumian Constellation fallen from An to Chaldea.
Tannaluvians...Tannaluvians are a spacefaring humanoid species from the celestial age. As a civilization, they jointly own and operate a galactic spacing guild. They have a fierce strangle hold on mass high volume, space flight, extradimensional, and cross-planar transportation. During the Claw Hammer War, the Elder Dragons contracted the Tannaluvian Spacing Guild to bring mercenary armies to Chaldea.
Tartu...Tartu is a ranger town in the enchanted Garnon Forest near the border of Tavja known for its wildly titanic tree root, believed to belong to Yggdrasil. A world pilgrimage site and graver stronghold.
Tavjan Silk Slaves...Highly valued slaves of Tavja, at least by those who even know of their existence. Their beauty and sexual attraction are magically enhanced, although how this is accomplished is a closely guarded secret.
Taxians...Taxians are a nearly extinct antediluvian humanoid species from the celestial age, known for their intellect and highly attuned psionic abilities. Taxians are close allies with the Cthulhuian Great Old Ones, where there is one, the other is somewhere near.
Temple...Divine holy ground of worship—a place of public worship that is used solely for religious activities.
The Gift...A product of the Age of Magic that allows sentient creatures and beings to “use” magic energy to perform miraculous mystical feats.
Ugala-mar-tu...An Akkadian military rank; a Harranim division commander in the Qurubuti Guard
University of DorsangA world-leading institute of higher learning.
Wark...A small township in Tetonique ruled by Master Becker, knight commander of the Order of Tetonique.
Yggdrasil...The Norse name for the Age of Magic universe that contains all magical planes of existence; also called the Universe Tree.
Ziggurat...A ziggurat is a massive irregular stepped stone structure built by Akkadia as temples and or palaces for royalty or Anum divine beings.

Note: Chaldeapedia glossary entries will change with the release of new content and subsequent seasons.