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Cast Season 1


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The Actors

"These legs aren't made for walking."

Played by Darrell Judd
Dwarf, Barbarian
Performed by John J. Bishop

“You get a dog. You get a dog. You get a dog.”

Played by Denise Robinson
Elf, Druid
Performed by Leila Blue Aram-Panahi

"Have you heard tell of the legendary singing sword?"

Played by Gabriel Mondo Vega
Human, Bard
Performed by Rennie Araucto

"I will clean you out of all the ballbarians you have."

Played by Patrick Keeffe
Human, Cleric
Performed by Thor Knai

"Best shopping day, ever."

Played by XiaoWen Wu
Halfling, Rogue
Performed by Sarah Moore