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Classic Einvigi Wood Soldier

Einvigi is a Chaldean military-themed board game that abstractly simulates warfare. 

Invented in Tavja long ago as an alternative method of settling disputes between warlords, Einvigi has been extensively modified over the centuries to include military forces of most human, orc, dwarven, and elven armies.  With its roots in Tavjathe game has naturally included lion riders since its outset. 

Einvigi is played on a board, which is often handcrafted by enthusiasts to depict a specific battleground, historical and imaginary.  The game is played with “toy soldiers,” typically carved from wood and sometimes hand-painted.  An Einvigi game can be quite simple, well-used, and homemade, or it can be an elaborate set created by an artisan for the amusement of nobility. 

The game is well-known throughout Chaldea, most popular in Tavja and the other human kingdoms of Niessia. The Einvigi Guild has local chapters in nearly every major city. 

The use of Einvigi to settle disputes is rare, however, outside of Tavja. 

Governor Hellwig Gustavus has acquired fame as an Einvigi master.  He has won multiple tournaments, and weekly Einvigi games are required of his officers.  Hellwig has also created several Einvigi boards with corresponding scenarios based on battles he has fought.  He is just one example of the many Einvigi fans in Chaldea. 

An Einvigi wargame at Enchantments Guard

It was only natural that Hellwig would raise his son, Reiswitz, to also enjoy Einvigi.  At age fourteen, Reiswitz won the Hesse National Einvigi Championship, and by his late teens he had designed and published more scenarios than his father. 

Reiswitz gained additional international acclaim in Einvigi circles with the publication of Advanced Einvigi, a rules variant for playing Einvigi without a board, using sand as a play surface and measuring strings to calculate distance for movement and for firing ranged weapons.