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M O L L W I T Z  -  G O O R

Mollwitz-Goor is one of the five great fortresses of Niesse ruled by Sureniel.

Mollwitz is a fortress arena that protects the entrance to the Niesse undercroft

Fortress Fact: Often referred to as the Arena Fortress.

Skjoldborg, (the original dwarven name), is considered by the Saratof Guild of Engineers as the pinnacle of dwarven design and ingenuity, easily the largest and most grand of all the Niesse fortresses, the complex is so vast and wide sweeping, it is arguably the largest continuous structure in all of of Chaldea, second only to Danorum, Tavja’s mountain capital. But even that is hotly debated.

The “Mollwitz amphitheater” is a colossal arena integrated into a large granite canyon. The arena walls are crafted in, around, and up the walls and is a city unto itself. The stadium floor is nearly a kilometer wide and over 3-kilometers in length. It is large enough to contain whole armies.  Three separate battles during the Claw Hammer war were waged in the amphitheater, the dwarves claiming victory in each case.

Attacking armies are channeled into the amphitheater where waiting armies come out of gates, from all sides. Above, circling the stadium is a battery of siege weapons: 200 heavy ballista, catapults, trebuchet, and scorpions.

The lower stadium walls rise an impressive 120-meters, then sharply transition to the upper terraces where the siege weapons are stationed, making the entire height at over 182-meters.

Today, above the stadium, around the perimeter walls, are ruins of ancient dwarven fortifications and towers. Even after many battles and centuries, the fortress is a triumph of dwarven imaginative engineering.

The Kingdom of Niesse

Mollwitz Military Sigil

T H E    F I V E    G R E A T    F O R T R E S S E S    O F    N I E S S E

The five great fortresses of Niesse were built by the dwarves pre-Claw Hammer War, well over a thousand years ago, before the dwarves were decimated and driven out of their homeland. In the Sunset of that terrible conflict, the orcs moved into Niesse and took the fortresses for their own use and transformed them into bastions of orc depravity.