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G O R G B A S T  -  G O O R

Gorgbast-goor is one of the five great fortresses of Niesse ruled by Sureniel.

The Gorgbast Labyrinth

Fortress Fact: Features extensive maze defensive fortifications

Reginntorn, (the original dwarven name), is a subterranean fortification built at the end of a large stone canyon with sheer granite cliffs rising more than 600-meters. Leading to the main portal entry are two colossal mazes that protect the arching wide-mouth cave entrance. The 10-meter maze walls are so tall and thick, an attacking ground force can easily get lost in its labyrinth with no way to physically break out.

An ancient mechanical engineering drawing predating the Claw Hammer war at the University of Kordava, has revealed beneath the maze are a series of mechanical corridors, that allows the maze walls above to easy shift. “No doubt,” said Erfbyre, a gnome engineering professor at the university, who specializes in dwarven engineering and architecture, “the shifting walls are intended to further confuse and disorient would be assailants. Anyone caught in the continual shifting maze trap would quickly become hopelessly lost.”

Separating the inner and outer mazes is a large, fortified wall riddled with false gates of which only one is assumed to be real—the illusion of what is real, and fake is likely further enhanced by old dwarven magics.

Past the fortified wall is yet another maze, even bigger than the first, that leads underground into a
large cave system, where the maze becomes even nastier, with traps and covered ceiling
corridors. No known army has ever penetrated the maze fully.

Above the mazes are towering vertical cliffs, with heavy embedded dwarven fortifications. From these fortifications, dwarves (now orcs) could rain down terror upon those in the maze.

The Kingdom of Niesse

Gorgbast Military Sigil

T H E    F I V E    G R E A T    F O R T R E S S E S    O F    N I E S S E

The five great fortresses of Niesse were built by the dwarves pre-Claw Hammer War, well over a thousand years ago, before the dwarves were decimated and driven out of their homeland. In the Sunset of that terrible conflict, the orcs moved into Niesse and took the fortresses for their own use and transformed them into bastions of orc depravity.