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The Coastal Highway

T H E    C O A S T A L    H I G H W A Y

The Coastal Highway is a network of roads and trails that more-or-less skirt the coastline of the Empire from Kansk in Vlachia to Augstat in Hesse.


When the dwarves ruled the land there was little in the way of sailing or even riverboat traffic. Dwarves don’t much appreciate water, preferring to keep their feet on solid dry land. Avoiding large bodies of water, the best they could, dwarves connected cities and towns with roads but didn’t see any reason to put them particularly close to water. Dwarven roads are known for being as straight as possible. Some of these roads were near water anyway and are in use today. For example, starting a journey from Saratof heading east to the Georgian Forest the road shows obvious signs of ancient dwarven work.

Over the last thousand years as humans have come to populate most of Chaldea, coastal roads naturally developed to support the fishing and sailing communities that populate the coast.

Imperial Proclamation

Approximately two years after coming to power Emperor Kordaava began a large civic works project formalizing the Coastal Highway. This proclamation decreed that this network of highways be evolved and upgraded to create an actual highway from Kansk to Augstat.

Project Completed

The road is in excellent condition and well-maintained from Kansk to Augstat. That is not to say the trip is worry-free. The stretch through the Georgian Forest and Hills of Hatred is still quite “adventurous” with elves and orcs to worry about along the way. From the capital of Regis in Latium, to Mursiya in Andalus the landscape varies from civilized sections to open rough terrain. Connecting Mursiya to Augstat through the Garnon Forest is the most problematic and hazardous section of the journey; the road is often closed due to explosive overgrowth nigh impossible to keep trimmed. Wild animals, frequent bugbear incursions and a host of other hazards are ready to prey upon careless travelers. Luckily for those few who need passage through the Garnon, there are ranger guide services that operate on either side of the forest.

Emperor Kordaava originally intended the Coastal Highway to continue past Augstat, further south into Munchkein, Salominica and ending at the city of Carlisle in Tetonique. But due to the constant struggles to keep the road open through the Garnon Forest, the decision was made to make Augstat the anchor and that is where it ends today.