World of Chaldea

Welcome to the World of Chaldea

We are pleased to announce a new innovative high fantasy transmedia graphic novel series. In the age of smart devices and streaming digital media, Chaldea offers a new way to experience graphic novels, blending beautiful illustrations with music, sound, and live-action film sequences into a single cohesive evocative tale.

The story of Chaldea is an adult-themed epic fantasy, steeped heavily in classic mythology, featuring elves, dwarves, and orcs, Egyptian and Norse gods, heroes and villains, high adventure, planetary politics and war…all clashing in the wake of a failing empire.

Follow the Chaldea production via this social media development website: development blogs, concept art, and peek behind the scenes as the Chaldea development team brings this brand to life.

What happens to an empire when the god-emperor dies?