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The Garnon Forest

T H E  G A R N O N  F O R E S T

The Garnon Forest is full of life and is resplendent with mystical phenomena. Located on the continent of Niessia, it forms much of Niessia’s border with the continent of Tamica. Additionally, the forest borders Hesse to the south, Somacia to the southeast, and Tavja to the east.

The Universe Tree—what the Norse call Yggdrasil and the elves call the Mother Tree—connects all the worlds of the Pearl Universe, and the Garnon Forest serves as the critical point of connection for Chaldea’s place in the cosmos. It is in this forest the roots of the Universe Tree intersect with Chaldea; the life force of every living thing in Chaldea comes from these woods.

The most obvious sign of the Universe Tree’s connection to Chaldea is in the town of Tartu. Here, a monolithic arch rises out of the earth and descends back down into it. The Norse and the elves can’t agree on whether this is a root or a branch, but they agree it is a visible manifestation of the world’s connection to the universe. This dimensional nexus leads to thousands, or perhaps millions, of other worlds.

The Garnon Forest is also home to the Swamp of Khonn, the birthplace of the Drasildar.

The headwaters of the Garnon River are in the Cloudforger Mountains of Tavya. From here, the Garnon flows west by southwest, feeding into both the Swamp of Khonn and eventually into the Great Sea near Augstat.

Many monsters and fey live in the Garnon Forest; the most prevalent are bugbears, lizardfolk, and elves.

In spite of the tremendous dangers, there are those who brave them, for the Garnon Forest is also home to many plants and creatures that have mystical and alchemical properties, and nearby Augstat benefits from a modest but steady trade of these expensive ingredients.

* * *

A primordial wide-reaching enchanted forest filled with mystical wonders and arcane secrets. It exists as a kingdom only in the minds of the Imperial autocrats, as there is no capital city or societal governing body, simply a wild, dangerous wood. Numerous supernatural and fairyland species call the forest home, most notably, fae, bugbears, lizardfolk, and elves.  On the western edge of the Garnon, where the forest meets the Great Sea, resides the stygian bog, known as the Swamp of Khonn, the ancestral home of the enigmatic drasildar, commonly called “swamp demons,” the alliance with whom was crucial for the rise of Kordaava to power. The closest thing in the Garnon Forest to a settlement is the mystical town of Tartu, established at the base of a colossal, 4000-foot exposed root of Yggdrasil, “the Universe Tree”. The spiraling root loops arcing high over Tartu and the picturesque Tartulle Paradise valley where the veils to other extraplanar dimensions are weak, attracting mystics and planar travelers who seek fortunes and arcane lore beyond these curtains.