Official Chaldea Concept Art


For forty years, the orcs of Niesse have cultivated their hatred. And after Kordaava’s death, there is no emperor to hold them in check—thus, the time has come for the fair races to pay for their sins. The first engagement of the war is fought at Mont Fort, an obscure, dilapidated, human settlement at the furthest edge of the frontier, far from the salvation of humanity.

Sarva is a knight of Akkadia, a land where women rule and command the armies, where men are bred to serve them. After her part in a political coup that failed, Sarva fled, evading assassins of the demigoddess of Ishtar, who she tried to execute.

After gaining asylum in Hesse, Sarva joined the Hecks, a Hessen knight order. She is not accustomed to men dominating, as it were, and her biting wit undermines her. After her “superiors” sideline her by sending her to Mont Fort, she arrives just before the orc assault, just in time to show the Hecks what it means to fight like a girl.

At a young age, Sarva befriended a demon-hunter, a terrier named Ripper. Sarva and Ripper are best friends, on or off the battlefield, and will only be parted by death—if then.