Priyanka warns Drasil: the orcs are on the move!

Official Chaldea Concept Art

* * *

Following the death of her sister, Priyanka fled the druidical order within the Garnon Forest. She turned her back on all of elven culture and heritage, choosing to live in the human city of Augstat for two human lifetimes as a rogue. After operating a successful thieves’ guild but watching her young lover grow to die of old age, Priyanka eventually faced her past and returned to the forest to live a withdrawn, secluded, lonely life.

This isolation dominated Priyanka’s existence for nearly a century—until the orcs of Niesse attacked. Now she must rouse herself from her solitary life to warn those in the forest she’s grown to love. Her highest priority is to warn Drasil, the only creature in the woods Priyanka cannot easily sneak up on. Why? Because Drasil is the first of the Drasildar—the ultimate guardians of Chaldea. In truth, no one can sneak up on a Drasildar, and thus Drasil is stunned when Priyanka does exactly that.

Amazed by her skill, Drasil allows Priyanka to live long enough for her to explain she is there to rescue him. And he knows she speaks the truth—from her warning, he can sense death coming to the forest.