Official Chaldea Concept Art


Marcosta Kordaava’s military campaign to conqure Chaldea lasted for many brutal years, stretching from the harsh, dry desert of Ardaya to Forever Mountain’s high alpine slopes on Asianic’s wild western shores. One of the last kingdoms to bend a knee to Lord Kordaava was the island continent of Akkadia.

The attack on Akkadia was led by Legatus Nurgane Wernuir of the 10th Legion, a battle-tested unit fresh from four years of heavy action in Somarria’s Chaos Mountains. But Wernuir himself had not been part of that campaign—he had spent the majority of his career in the docile Imperial Guard, protecting the capital, and his promotion was only six week old when the time came for him to command in that fateful battle.

Complicating matters, Akkadia’s government was a rigid nobility matriarchy, its military commanded solely by women. Legatus Wernuir had nothing but contempt for women, and his well-known narrow-mindedness led him to underestimate the Akkadians, almost costing him his entire legion. He was dismissive of the concept of woman commanders and even more so of their unexpectedly superior tactics.

Fortunately for Legatus Wernuir, a young Tribunas witnessed the near-debacle and took the initiative to turn the tide. Hellwig Gustavus singlehandedly seized the hill and saved the Warhawks. For this success, Lord Kordaava rewarded Gustavus a field promotion, laying the foundation for a forty-year friendship between the young officer and the destined emperor of the world.