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Portrayed in War Room
by Stefan Hajek

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"40 years of peace are officially over."
      ―Reiswitz von Gustavus

Legatus Reiswitz Georg Von Gustavus, is the son of Governor Hellwig Gustavus and commands the 10th Legion of the Imperial Army.

Early Years. Reiswitz, a male human, was born in Year 12 to Governor Hellwig Johann von Gustavus and his wife, Irmgard. Hellwig was a stern, demanding father who believed that men of strong character were forged on the anvil of discipline. It certainly worked in this case, Reiswitz dedicated himself to his academic and martial studies from a young age.

Within just a few years of his birth family members and servants regularly comment on Reiswitz’s intellect. By the age of 12, Reiswitz was an Einvigi master and was designing his own Einvigi boards and variants.

Military Career. At age 16, Reiswitz was accepted into the most prestigious military school of Chaldea, the Contubernium in Latium. Given that his father was one Emperor Kordaava’s closest friends and a highly decorated Legatus, Reiswitz had big shoes to fill. But through hard work, skill, intellect, and the ability to hold himself well in a scuffle, Reiswitz established his own credibility on his own merits.

At age 19, Reiswitz graduated from the Cantubernium. He was given the rank of Tribunus and was assigned to the 16th Legion in Somarria under Legatus Gaspar. Reiswitz’s years of service under Gaspar were strained as Reiswitz could never seem to please his commanding officer, who others say was intimidated by Reiswitz’s political connections.

At age 24, Reiswitz was promoted by Emperor Kordaava to Legatus and was given command of the 10th Legion. Hellwig was Legatus of the 10th but the task of governing Niessia was taking its toll and he felt he was neglecting his duties as commander.

Enchantment’s Guard. For the past 4 years, Reiswitz has commanded the 10th Legion, with its headquarters at Enchantment’s Guard. Living and working together with his father, the two have become quite close.

Family. Reiswitz is incredibly shy with women. His father is determined to see him married to a woman who will advance the family’s station.

Wargaming. Like his father, Reiswitz enjoys some fame as an Einvigi master. He and his father play regularly and have designed a number of Einvigi variations.

Most notably, Reiswitz has designed a variant known as Advanced Einvigi. In designing this variant Reiswitz had a design breakthrough, the idea of casting aside the traditional square grid in favor of playing on wet sand that could be molded to any terrain, using measuring strings to determine distances for movement and ranged weapons.


Advanced Einvigi is the game Reiswitz is playing with his father and various other officers.

This character is intended as an homage to the real-world game designer, Georg Leopold von Reiswitz, who in 1811 presented Taktisches Kriegs-Spiel to the royal family of Prussia, where it was enthusiastically received. Using damp sand to sculpt three-dimensional topographical elements, for the first time in history toy soldiers could be maneuvered freely across a custom battlefield. Using rules to measure distances, this was a fundamental break from the chess tradition of movement on a square grid.