Chaldea LLC was founded in 2015 by Peter Adkison (Wizards of the Coast, Gen Con) as a subsidiary of his film company, Hostile Work Environment LLC. To create Chaldea LLC Peter partnered with longtime friend and co-founder of Wizards, Steve Conard.

Chaldea LLC was formed to create the World of Chaldea and stories therein for publication in fiction, art, film, and comics. Chaldea is a gritty fantasy world that leans heavily on inspiration from real-world history and mythologies. The Chaldea story is an epic one, following several protagonists who start off in different kingdoms around the world. When the Emperor of Chaldea is assassinated, his world-wide empire falls into chaos. As time passes we learn what unites these characters as the deeper mysteries at work are revealed.

The World of Chaldea and its stories will primarily be distributed direct to fans through this very website. Our goal with this project is to tell the story we want to tell, and this is more important to us than profitability. After 25 years of being serious about business, this is our chance to put art above money.

Peter_Adkison_(200x200)Peter Adkison—CEO Chaldea, Director, Executive Producer

Peter Adkison makes movies; he’s makes imagination come to life.

And over the course of many years, he made Chaldea.

He’s also made quite a few other things during the span of his career. In 1990, he made a business, Wizards of the Coast, and that business made Magic: The Gathering, and Magic made history. (That makes Peter the great-grandfather of trading card games, right?) He made a household name—Dungeons & Dragons—a household name again when he re-launched the line. He made it possible for the Pokémon Trading Card Game to expand beyond Japan by making the deal that brought it to the rest of the world. He made the Gen Con tabletop games convention his own, and he made sure its attendance grew year after year, from 18,000 to 56,000. His company Hidden City Games made Bella Sara, a trade card property for girls, and just recently, he made his first film, The Devils Walks in Salem, through his Hostile Work Environment production house. After all those entrepreneur successes, you might say Peter is a self-made man.

Now he’s making the world he created over the course of many decades, Chaldea, his number-one priority, and he anticipates making books, comics, and, of course, movies to make it a world without parallel. In the end, Chaldea is a big place, and Peter has plans he hopes will make it even bigger. If the audience becomes as excited about Chaldea as Peter is, it will make his day.

Peter lives for email!

Steve_Conard_(200x200)Steve Conard—Director, Lead Writer

“Write what you know,” the old saying goes. If you were to look at the entirety of Steve Conard’s writing, you might safely guess he knows pretty much everything.

Steve writes the stories and scripts that bring Chaldea to life. He writes about thousand of years of the world’s history, and he writes about the day-to-day lives of individuals who don’t even know their place in that order yet. He writes sweeping epics and focused character moments. In other words, Steve Conard has the ability to write the entire history of Chaldea on the head of a pin.

And writing about Chaldea is the culmination of years of writing across genres and across styles. Steve has written for dozens of different properties and brought his creative talents to Hasbro, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Disney, and Wizards of the Coast, where as a founding member of the company he wrote and designed the GAMA Award-winning Magic: The Gathering expansion Legends. At Electronic Arts, he was given the title EA Inventor for creating an original game invention.

Books, comics, blogs, games, scripts—Steve Conard has burned out more creative muses than most of us will ever have. He is also the first confirmed patient to have a successful writersblockendectomy to head off any possible delays in the expansion plan to explore every corner of the world of Chaldea in the years to come.

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