Chaldea’s Leading Ladies: Back: Alexis Sartain; Sarva; Serakka Cloudforge; Patrizia “Poppy” Gatto; Ariadne Front: Sibyl Serrari; Night Whisper; Priyanka

Chaldea’s Leading Ladies: Back: Alexis Sartain; Sarva; Serakka Cloudforge; Patrizia “Poppy” Gatto; Ariadne Front: Sibyl Serrari; Night Whisper; Priyanka

Official Chaldea Concept Art

Art by Echo Chernik

* * *

I’m tough, I’m ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay.” —Madonna

The Chaldea development team, men and women in a united voice, have always been drawn to strong, intelligent, and beautiful women: drawn to beauty for the obvious reasons, but with greater importance, drawn to strength, and not only strength of the body but of the mind.

History is rich with such women. Rosie the Riveter was an icon of strong American women, Joan of Arc led an army at sixteen, Margaret Thatcher was called the Iron Lady, Katharine Hepburn gave it better than any man, and Sacajawea crossed the frontier with a baby on her back and probably had to deal with the constant affections of discovery explorers—just saying.

In the world of entertainment, strong women have long filled our hearts and imaginations: Jaime Sommers was bionic and beautiful, Lynda Carter was a wonder woman, the Bond girls (all of ’em) were spellbinding, Pussy Galore was dangerous to the core, Sarah Connor, Ellen Ripley, Thelma and Louise…Hell, every character Jodie Foster ever portrayed. Admittedly, this is the clichéd list. An entire blog could be dedicated to outlining the merits of Hollywood’s strong leading ladies (and probably has been on numerous occasions).

More recently, the world has enjoyed Daenerys Targaryen, Cersei Lannister, Arya and Sansa Stark, all of whom set new standards for strong women. Many Star Wars fans have a mad crush on Rey, the latest galaxy-far-far-away heroine. She’s a self-sufficient scavenger, a mechanic, a pilot. She’s afraid but has the gumption to stand up to a Sith (albeit a pouty one). Damn, what is not to love about that?

When it came to developing the large tapestry of characters in Chaldea, the development team wanted to make sure the stories were equal parts men and women and regularly populated with girl power: Whip-smart risk takers, confident and adventurous, mentally and physically strong, independent, vulnerable with a healthy range of emotions, and each—to the last—dressed to kill.

We’d like to introduce you to ladies of Chaldea. This beautiful spread is a small sample of some of the strong female characters readers will get to know in the Chaldea epic. The cast contains humans, elves, dwarves, gods, and the Tannaluvians, an ancient celestial race from far across the stars.

Chaldea heroines are forged in the furnaces of tribulation and conflict. At the end of this telling, these ladies will be forever changed, for better or worse, and the world will change with them.

Each lady is wearing fashions common to their home kingdoms.

– Alexis Sartain, a half-Asianic human from Aimilleuse
– Sarva, a Babylonian human from Akkadia
– Serakka Cloudforge, a dwarven princess from Clan Cloudforge
– Patrizia “Poppy” Gatto, a Latin human from Latium
– Ariadne, an Etharch demigoddess from the Lynnwood Forest
– Sibyl Serrari, a Tannaluvian from Saratof, the capital city of the empire
– Priyanka, a wilder elf, from the Seaxe Forest and her companion Night Whisper, a Seaxe owl hawk