A Session of the Council of Consuls

A Session of the Council of Consuls

Official Chaldea Concept Art

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Emperor Kordaava is a warrior-dictator who rules Chaldea with the tip of his spear—the Spear of Set. Anyone who resists his rule, whether seriously or jokingly, is dealt with harshly in the form of immediate death. When a god, even a demigod, rules a world, that rule is absolute and unlimited.

While Emperor Kordaava enjoys the freedom and autonomy that comes with totalitarianism, he intellectually understands the strength of a republic. At no point was he about to turn the governing of Chaldea over to elections, but he was always interested in having a unified body govern the daily operations of the empire. So believing—and wisely so—he founded the Senate and the Council of Consuls to govern.

The Senate is comprised of several hundred senators from every corner of the World of Chaldea. In their homelands, a senator might well be a king, queen, patesi, chief, pharaoh, könig, wa-na-ka, Caesar, kugyo, high priestess, or so on. The Senate generally meets once per year, and one of its important functions is to appoint Imperial consuls from among its ranks. Consuls have day-to-day responsibilities in the empire. They must be senators in their own rank but must also live in Saratof and run important departments, such as Commerce, Public Safety, or Law and Justice. It is primarily through this Council of Consuls that Emperor Kordaava is able to administrate his world empire.

The Council of Consuls enjoys a well-rounded, diverse set of personalities and intellects from around the Chaldean empire, and these members happen to include an immortal Elder Dragon.