Sarah_Moore_(200x200)Chaldea descended on Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, for a weekend of gaming, drinking, and networking during the eighth annual Gary Con Gaming Convention, March 3–6, where the folks of the con welcomed us with open arms. Peter Adkison transformed the Grand Geneva Suite (formerly the Hugh Hefner Suite) into the Chaldea Room. Concept art hung on the walls and doors; Dwarven Forge miniatures were laid out in the conference room; and the bar was fully stocked. Peter had one specific thought in mind: “People won’t come to a panel, but they’ll come to a party.” And it certainly was a party.

Luke Gygax hosted an event in the Chaldea Suite the first night of the con. It was packed with laughter and an incredible amount of gaming stories…and booze.

Stefan Pokorny ran Dwarven Forge adventures during the day alongside several panels taking place (notably one called “Growing Up Gygax”—which was standing room only). On Saturday, Peter got to play in a miniatures game with his good friend and wargaming legend Duke Seifried.

While Peter did that, I ran around Lake Geneva to make sure the Chaldea Room was fully stocked with snacks and drinks. But I also got to take Chaldea’s tiniest PAs (my kiddos, Indigo and Jensen) to the indoor water park and the arcade.

Saturday night, the Chaldean contingent met for a dinner that had far too much meat to pregame for the main event: the party in the Chaldea Room. Folks came pouring in, and it quickly became loud and warm. There were smiles all around. And after about 45 minutes, Peter stood up, got everyone’s attention, and launched the evening’s activities. We did a live script reading using audience participation, and all of our volunteers did an amazing job. (By the way, auditions are still going on. Just sayin’…)

Then there was a mimosa contest. We made pitchers of four different mimosa recipes submitted through social media, and everyone got to taste each one. We then voted by clap-o-meter.

We also screened War Room, but due to technical difficulties, we all had to crowd around Peter’s laptop to see it. Luckily, no one minded getting cozy. Afterward, we had a Q&A with Peter where the partygoers could pick his brain about the direction of the series.

And then it was back to drinks and revelry. Things began to wind down around midnight, and I bundled Chaldea’s tiniest PAs back to our hotel room. Sunday was a game of MegaCivilizations. Six hardcore gamers joined Peter for the long haul, as this game can take up to 12 hours to complete. Lunch and dinner were included, so they didn’t even have to step away from the game to get nourishment!

Overall, the Chaldea Room at Gary Con was a huge success! We can’t wait to do it all again at Gen Con 2016!

Sarah Moore

April 16, 2016