Steve_Conard_(200x200)Full disclosure – this is a rant. It’s unrelated to Chaldea but related in a dotted-line sense, in that it’s about the fantasy genre. And as I’m the lead writer on Chaldea, maybe it’s good that you understand how I feel about fantasy fiction.

I’m an opinionated bastard; I admit that. There are things that bother me, and I’m not afraid to voice my opinion. I’m not willing to go silently into that good night. Occasionally, I might use our Chaldea platform to express my views, if something particularly annoys me.

Today is that day. I’m annoyed.

I’m a genre enthusiast—I love fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and all things weird. So, when I heard about the SyFy Channel’s new show The Magicians, I set my DVR to record.

SPOILER ALERT: This rant contains spoilers. If you haven’t seen The Magicians and intend to do so, you might want to stop reading.

Still here?

So, I watched the first two episodes of The Magicians, which set my nerves on edge.

I haven’t read The Magicians series by author Lev Grossman. I understand they’re bestsellers. This rant is by no means leveled at the books— I’m sure they’re spun gold, prose worthy of (insert name of your favorite author here). This rant is leveled squarely at the TV series. Read More