World of Chaldea is teaming up with Amey René Casting to cast 40 characters for the Chaldea web series by Peter Adkison and Steve Conard.

Chaldea is a dark, gritty, adult-themed high fantasy epic that will be told in a mixed media format of fiction, comics, and film.

Amey René Casting will be auditioning for 40 roles in its offices in Los Angeles and Seattle.  The Chaldea cast represents a broad diversity with Arab, Black, Indian, Japanese, and Caucasian characters of both genders.  The Chaldea story features a high degree of adult themes, including but not limited to brutal violence, monsters, nudity, sex, drug use, torture, slavery, and harsh language.  Some roles are for fantasy races, like elves, dwarves, or halflings.

All of these roles require voice over work. We will also be soliciting the right to portray the character using comic book style art using the actor’s likeness.  There will also be a small amount of film work for 6 of these roles.

Interested actors should send contact information and head shot to Amey René Casting at Please indicate in your email your interest in Chaldea.