Saratof, Capital of Chaldea

Saratof, Capital of Chaldea

Official Chaldea Concept Art

* * *

For ten long years, the dwarf Kwell labored in the Geldzahn Mines. Finally, he’s able to return to his home. As he exits the Levitator, he steps out onto the Geldzahn Atrium overlooking the Imperial Capital of Chaldea: Saratof.

Nobles, merchants, scholars, diplomats, pilgrims, soldiers, and tourists from around the world descend on Saratof pursuing wealth, power, knowledge, duty, and pleasure, for no other city of Chaldea holds such promise and beauty.

The greatest architectural achievements of the ages stand before him: the Kordava Collossas on the far shore of Saratof Bay; the Imperial Palace where Kordaava once ruled the world; the Cathedral of Set; the Ministry of Justice; the Chancellor of the Treasury; the Bastion; the Hall of Ambassadors; the Dwarven Hall of Records; the palace of House Ptolemy; the Sunshine Citadel; Soldiers’ Hospital; and the Senate Discourse.

While dwarves aren’t inclined to appreciate human accomplishments, Kwell’s chest fills with pride just the same, for most of these buildings were built by his people—and in many cases are still owned by the very dwarves who built them. History stands at his feet. His history.