WARNING: This site contains adult themes, language, violence, sexually oriented nudity, and drug abuse or other elements thereof.

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Dwarf_See-No“I’m tired of people telling me what to do, “Peter said as we sat down to discuss the world of Chaldea, that first day, now over two years ago. “I’m tired of shareholders, boards of directors, and investors telling me no. If I want to say, fuck, then I’m going to say it. If a scene calls for nudity, then damn it, we’re going to show some skin.”

And that’s pretty much how fast it was to decide Chaldea was going to be a mature-rated product.

Caution: Mature Content Ahead

Dwarf_Speak-NoChaldea is a dark gritty world with repugnant folk and evil creatures that speak and perform vile acts. In a universe with dragons, elves, orcs, and demons, as well as mythological gods and monsters, very few have what you’d call human values; they are far from wholesome, kind, and chaste. In fact, humans would define them as morally bankrupt, but that would insinuate they had morals in the first place.

Dwarf_Hear-NoOn this journey, we’ll visit the orc breeding pits of Niesse and the decadent Marn drug dens; we’ll follow high-society artistocrats as they practice full-contact Imperial politics. We’ll see heroes against villians, armies against armies, and the escalation politics of gods. And if, along the way, we hear profanity or see a little too much bare skin, well, you’ve been fucking warned.

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Steve Conard