Michele_Takahashi_(200x200)Welcome! Glad you’re here and enjoying a look-see around our website. Did an interest in fantastical stories and amazing eye-popping images lure you to our pages? Have fun. Explore. We have more exciting things to come.

How did I find myself here? Good question. The answer: One degree of separation—Steve Schwartzstein. Just as Peter Adkison and Steve “Mr. Steve” Conard formed a friendship in college, I met Steve Schwartzstein in USC film school, and we’ve been friends ever since. Through Schwartzstein, I learned about the groundbreaking accomplishments of Peter, Mr. Steve, and Wizards of Coast.

[You may be wondering, “Why in the world are you calling Steve Conard, ‘Mr. Steve?’ It’s an inside joke that may be revealed by Mr. Steve himself in a future blog post. Fingers crossed.]

One day, Schwartzstein invited me to check out Gen Con, which is where I first met Mr. Steve and Peter. Because Peter looked super-busy running the convention, I didn’t want to interrupt and so settled for a brief “hello.” After exploring the bustling Gen Con exhibit hall, I spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out with The Two Steves (what a great name for a punk band!). Mr. Steve’s unbridled energy and enthusiasm made quite an impression on me. We all talked for hours about our mutual love of film and television, and Mr. Steve shared his passion for story development and the world of gaming.

Not long after that, The Two Steves forged a screenwriting partnership. Then they asked me to read and critique their works: high-octane action-comedies peppered with spectacular beasts and creatures. (Um, yes, please!) Of course, I obliged my two favorite Steves.

In 2014, Schwartzstein cryptically mentioned a concept that Peter and Mr. Steve were brewing. This piqued my interest. When Schwartzstein got the green light to raise the curtains of the hush-hush-super-secret-with-a-cherry-on-top operation, what I saw and heard blew me away.

Mr. Steve became my sensei/encyclopedia and gave me a crash course on all-things-Chaldea. Then, with my mind still swirling, Peter and Mr. Steve let me dive in, head-first, into this amazing world. My first assignment: Taking a stab at a draft of the War Room script. Collaborating with The Two Steves and Peter on War Room was an exhilarating experience, one I’ll never forget.

As I got to know Peter a little better, I gained a greater understanding of all the ideas whirling inside his head. Peter has an ease about him and a gift to explain the history and circuitous inception of this grand plan in a clear and straightforward way. (Plus, he creates awesome charts and graphs!)

With Peter and Mr. Steve leading the way, I’m really excited for the future. I hope you are, too. We’ve got a megaton of incredible stories to share with you, so stay tuned!

Michele Takahashi