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Mature Content contained in Chaldea stories

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WARNING: This site contains adult themes, language, violence, sexually oriented nudity, and drug abuse or other elements thereof.

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Dwarf_See-No“I’m tired of people telling me what to do, “Peter said as we sat down to discuss the world of Chaldea, that first day, now over two years ago. “I’m tired of shareholders, boards of directors, and investors telling me no. If I want to say, fuck, then I’m going to say it. If a scene calls for nudity, then damn it, we’re going to show some skin.”

And that’s pretty much how fast it was to decide Chaldea was going to be a mature-rated product.

Caution: Mature Content Ahead

Dwarf_Speak-NoChaldea is a dark gritty world with repugnant folk and evil creatures that speak and perform vile acts. In a universe with dragons, elves, orcs, and demons, as well as mythological gods and monsters, very few have what you’d call human values; they are far from wholesome, kind, and chaste. In fact, humans would define them as morally bankrupt, but that would insinuate they had morals in the first place.

Dwarf_Hear-NoOn this journey, we’ll visit the orc breeding pits of Niesse and the decadent Marn drug dens; we’ll follow high-society artistocrats as they practice full-contact Imperial politics. We’ll see heroes against villians, armies against armies, and the escalation politics of gods. And if, along the way, we hear profanity or see a little too much bare skin, well, you’ve been fucking warned.

Dwarf_Hear-No2 Dwarf_Hear-No3

Steve Conard


What’s with All the Funky Accents?

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Peter_Adkison_(200x200)After screening War Room at Historicon 2015, I found a note left for me in my booth that asked several questions about the film. As I still don’t know who left the note, I figured I’d answer one of the questions in a blog. (I’d been meaning to write about this anyway.)

The particular question read, “Why does the toymaker have a German accent, the tax collector a British one, and it’s all set in a Roman/Latin army?”

I’m so glad you asked.

First of all, it’s important to know that all human kingdoms of Chaldea are inspired by some historical reference point—a particular culture in a particular time. War Room takes place in Hesse, which is inspired by the real-world Teutonic knights of the 13th century AD. Because the film takes place there, the most common accent in the film is Germanic. Now we don’t really know what Hessens of the 12th century actually sounded like, so we picked a German accent. And since I didn’t want Chaldea to sound like a WWII movie, we chose a pretty mild accent for the Hessens. Another reason to be wary of German accents is the way it serves as the harsh “mad scientist” accent often found in comedy. I want accents that complement the scene, accents that subtly create a mood, not accents that dominate, distract, or, God forbid, insult. Read More


How Did I Find Myself Here?

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Michele_Takahashi_(200x200)Welcome! Glad you’re here and enjoying a look-see around our website. Did an interest in fantastical stories and amazing eye-popping images lure you to our pages? Have fun. Explore. We have more exciting things to come.

How did I find myself here? Good question. The answer: One degree of separation—Steve Schwartzstein. Just as Peter Adkison and Steve “Mr. Steve” Conard formed a friendship in college, I met Steve Schwartzstein in USC film school, and we’ve been friends ever since. Through Schwartzstein, I learned about the groundbreaking accomplishments of Peter, Mr. Steve, and Wizards of Coast.

[You may be wondering, “Why in the world are you calling Steve Conard, ‘Mr. Steve?’ It’s an inside joke that may be revealed by Mr. Steve himself in a future blog post. Fingers crossed.]

One day, Schwartzstein invited me to check out Gen Con, which is where I first met Mr. Steve and Peter. Because Peter looked super-busy running the convention, I didn’t want to interrupt and so settled for a brief “hello.” After exploring the bustling Gen Con exhibit hall, I spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out with The Two Steves (what a great name for a punk band!). Mr. Steve’s unbridled energy and enthusiasm made quite an impression on me. We all talked for hours about our mutual love of film and television, and Mr. Steve shared his passion for story development and the world of gaming. Read More


“It’s gonna be epic, dude.”

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Steve_Schwartzstein_(200x200)Any and all situations, dialog, and use of names and places depicted on these here Web pages, as written by the hands of myself, Steven Schwartzstein, are mostly correct, accurate even, except in situations in which they are not. Which is to say, all of what you read is kinda, sorta mostly true.

In the beginning…


“It’s gonna be epic, dude.”

I was in Arizona at my brother’s house. It was May of 2013, and on the phone was my writing partner and friend for life, and not to mention one of the truly great and creative people you don’t often come across in the entertainment business, Steve Conard. Steve was one of the founders of Wizards of the Coast, the minds that brought us Magic: The Gathering and the Pokémon trading card game. If he said something was going to be epic, I thought I’d better listen.

“Okay. What is it?” I asked.

“Something Web-based, we think. But could be an app, like a comic book,” he replied.

“But not a television show?”

“Well, the budget is kinda limited. But the story. Dude, it’s epic.”

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