The most common question we get is “What is this Chaldea thing? Is it a film? Is it a game?”

The short answer is this: it’s a Web series that mixes film, comics, and fiction together.

Each part of the story we call an “issue.” If it were all film, we’d call the parts “episodes.” If it were all fiction, we’d call them “chapters.” If it were entirely comics you would expect us to call them “issues.” And as we’re blending all three, we just picked one.

So, first and foremost, Chaldea is a story told in these three different media formats. It’s also fantasy, which means there’s a world that goes with it. We call that world Chaldea, or on occasion, World of Chaldea. And here we strive to provide way more than a typical fantasy story. Whereas some novels might include a map that’s probably incomplete and maybe a few pieces of black-and-white art, we have much bigger plans. We plan to support the Chaldea story online in several ways as follows.

Please note that some of these features are still in development, and the requirements will likely evolve!

Chaldea Maps. I hate it when I’m reading a fantasy novel, a place gets mentioned, and I can’t find that place on the map. Our goal is that every place that gets mentioned in our story is a place you can search for by simply clicking on the name when it shows up, and we’ll show you exactly where it is in Chaldea.

Chaldeapedia. I also hate it when I’m reading a novel and it mentions a character that hasn’t shown up in several chapters, but I’m expected to remember everything about him or her. Or if I put a comic series down and come back a year later, there’s no way I will remember who everyone is. Our Chaldeapedia is designed to overcome this problem. Essentially, any proper noun you find in our stories should eventually have an entry in our Chaldeapedia.

Chaldea Library. Here you will find all the issues we’ve published to date and how they connect to each other. At first it might be pretty straightforward: Character A starts here, then goes there, and finally goes over there. But at some point Character A meets Character B. When that happens, background issues for Character B might pop up. As our point-of-view characters arrive, join other characters, or split up from said other characters, the library will help you keep all of this straight. Also, the library will be displayed against a calendar so you always know when this issue is taking place relative to other issues in the story.

So, wait—there’s no game?

No. At least not anytime soon. If Chaldea becomes popular enough to justify the cost of making games, then the new answer will be “You bet!”

Peter Adkison