At Gen Con 2013, my name was picked out of a hat to play a game of Fiasco with Peter Adkison. A small group of us sat in his hotel room on Sunday at brunch time and played over mimosas. Amidst the laughter and shenanigans, Peter mentioned that he was getting ready to start production of his first film (The Devil Walks in Salem). Emboldened by the mimosas, I gave him my card and told him that I was an actress.

I fully expected that to be the end of it.

In January of 2014 I found myself in the Pacific Northwest on a working vacation. Peter took me to lunch and over the subsequent hours he excitedly told me all about the world of Chaldea and his amazing plans for the series. This world, he told me, was going to be filled with wonderfully flawed and strong women. Real people with real problems that any actor would love to sink their teeth into. He spun this tale of dragons and gods and war and intrigue…and I knew I had to be a part of it.


Left Sarah Moore, Right Mary Gatto

Every ounce of me wanted to scream, “WHERE DO I FIT IN!? WHO CAN I BE!?” But, miraculously, I was able to play it cool enough to make it through our meal. And as we sat with our glasses of wine, he said what I had been waiting to hear: “I actually have a character in mind that I think you’d be great for…”

That character was Poppy, a spirited journalist who didn’t always follow the rules. As we talked, she began to take shape, and I began to fall in love with her. She bucks tradition and is so strong. My favorite moment to come out of that conversation was Poppy’s last name: Gatto is my Italian family name, and when I’m all done up in my Chaldea outfit, I am the spitting image of my grandmother, Mary Gatto. By the end of lunch, Peter had stopped referring to Poppy as “she” and started referring to her as “you.” It was thrilling.

And that was just the start for me. I have recently taken over as the voice of Chaldea on social media. So, I’m looking forward to giving you all a peek behind the scenes as our world continues to grow!

Sarah Moore