Yonnus Octoni escapes Enchantment’s Guard after stealing a valuable ruby rapier.

Official Chaldea Concept Art


North of the capital city of Augstat in the kingdom of Hesse stands the ancient dwarven bastion known as Enchantment’s Guard. A colossal fortress, it towers above all other fortifications on the continent of Niessia. Enchantment’s Guard is the local seat of power and home to Governor Hellwig Gustavus and the Warhawks 10th Legion. During Emperor Kordaava’s reign, no one would have dared attempt to burglarize the all but impregnable fortress—but times have changed.

Yonnus Octoni, a brash and charming young thief, steals a valuable ruby rapier and makes good his escape through the private quarters of a visiting Egyptian princess, but not before making the acquaintance of the young beauty.

Yonnus may only see a bauble for the moment, a treasure to be pawned—but its value to him could be far greater than mere gold….