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So… What’s the Product?

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The most common question we get is “What is this Chaldea thing? Is it a film? Is it a game?”

The short answer is this: it’s a Web series that mixes film, comics, and fiction together.

Each part of the story we call an “issue.” If it were all film, we’d call the parts “episodes.” If it were all fiction, we’d call them “chapters.” If it were entirely comics you would expect us to call them “issues.” And as we’re blending all three, we just picked one.

So, first and foremost, Chaldea is a story told in these three different media formats. It’s also fantasy, which means there’s a world that goes with it. We call that world Chaldea, or on occasion, World of Chaldea. And here we strive to provide way more than a typical fantasy story. Whereas some novels might include a map that’s probably incomplete and maybe a few pieces of black-and-white art, we have much bigger plans. We plan to support the Chaldea story online in several ways as follows.

Please note that some of these features are still in development, and the requirements will likely evolve!

Chaldea Maps. I hate it when I’m reading a fantasy novel, a place gets mentioned, and I can’t find that place on the map. Our goal is that every place that gets mentioned in our story is a place you can search for by simply clicking on the name when it shows up, and we’ll show you exactly where it is in Chaldea. Read More


High Adventure

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Yonnus Octoni escapes Enchantment’s Guard after stealing a valuable ruby rapier.

Official Chaldea Concept Art


North of the capital city of Augstat in the kingdom of Hesse stands the ancient dwarven bastion known as Enchantment’s Guard. A colossal fortress, it towers above all other fortifications on the continent of Niessia. Enchantment’s Guard is the local seat of power and home to Governor Hellwig Gustavus and the Warhawks 10th Legion. During Emperor Kordaava’s reign, no one would have dared attempt to burglarize the all but impregnable fortress—but times have changed.

Yonnus Octoni, a brash and charming young thief, steals a valuable ruby rapier and makes good his escape through the private quarters of a visiting Egyptian princess, but not before making the acquaintance of the young beauty.

Yonnus may only see a bauble for the moment, a treasure to be pawned—but its value to him could be far greater than mere gold….


It all began with a mimosa…

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At Gen Con 2013, my name was picked out of a hat to play a game of Fiasco with Peter Adkison. A small group of us sat in his hotel room on Sunday at brunch time and played over mimosas. Amidst the laughter and shenanigans, Peter mentioned that he was getting ready to start production of his first film (The Devil Walks in Salem). Emboldened by the mimosas, I gave him my card and told him that I was an actress.

I fully expected that to be the end of it.

In January of 2014 I found myself in the Pacific Northwest on a working vacation. Peter took me to lunch and over the subsequent hours he excitedly told me all about the world of Chaldea and his amazing plans for the series. This world, he told me, was going to be filled with wonderfully flawed and strong women. Real people with real problems that any actor would love to sink their teeth into. He spun this tale of dragons and gods and war and intrigue…and I knew I had to be a part of it. Read More


Testing 1..2..3..

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Peter_Adkison_(400x400)About a year ago, I told Steve Conard, my primary partner in all things Chaldea, “We need to make a short film that blends live action and comic art. And I want to make it now, and I want to show it to the public by Gen Con 2015.”

“Why?” Steve asked. “We’re not going to be ready to go into full production for a couple more years. Are you sure it’s wise to get something out so early? Fans won’t like to wait.”

“I have to know if we’re on the right track,” I replied. “If we’re not, I’d like to know sooner rather than later.”

War Room is more than just a pilot episode; it’s a proof of concept. And in this case, a proof of concept that is particularly appropriate because we’ve never done this before. I won’t be so bold as to say no one has ever done this, but we haven’t found anything exactly like it. Also, this project requires us to be competent not just at filmmaking but at making comics as well.

I love trying new things. Someone once told me, “Peter, your problem is you have no aversion to risk.” I don’t think that’s a problem—I think it’s an advantage. I had no trouble jumping into this Chaldea project with both feet and didn’t hesitate for an instant to drop some serious cash into making this film.

But tackling Chaldea will be like a long and epic voyage across a mighty sea. I agree I have a low aversion to risk, but it’s just plain stupid to launch a new ship into the ocean without sailing it up and down the coast a few times first.

Read More